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    Diamond of Gulf

    (4 Days Tour)


    This is a short trip to Dubai. Diamond of Gulf.  This fanciful harbor with the highest security is known as an international stop point. These days Dubai has direct flight from more than 140 cities.


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    Glance of Dubai

    (5 Days)

    It's a 5-day journey to Dubai in which you will see the most exciting city sites of Dubai. There you will enjoy cruising on traditional ships (dhow) , eating the most delicious foods, listening to the most beautiful domestic music.


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    Treasure of Dubai 

    (6 Days)

    In Dubai you will see a combination of traditional and historical customs, diverse nations and modern architectures. All these points make this metropolis of Middle East a wonderful place.


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    Romance of Emirates

    (7 Days)

    The United Arabian Emirates is a combination of some Sheikhdoms; each has its own city sites and excitements. Dubai with its particular beauties and Al Ein with its beautiful delightful nature provides a special opportunity for a 7-Day travel to the heart of Middle East.


    dubai, the picture of city


     Ever East Empire

    (7 Nights)

    In the Ever East Empire tour you will first take a trip to Dubai, which is one of the biggest modern cities of the world and you will see the natural beauties and architectures of this bride of the Middle East.


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    Safari & Ski

      (8 Days)

    The weather in Middle East is diverse and pleasant in a way that you can swim in Dubai in winter and enjoy the Sahra tour at nights and also enjoy the pleasant weather and star full sky.




     Gulf Capitals 

    (10 Days)

    In the Middle East most cities were the capital for some time and during that time the most beautiful buildings, transportation and most wealthy people lived there.




    Middle East Oasis

    (12 Days)

    During the Middle East Oasis tour you can start your journey through shopping from beautiful modern malls. An oasis of 30 years ago now changes to one of the beautiful harbors of the world.


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    One Thousands &

    A night 

    (15 Days)

    It is not a dream, nor a beautiful and exciting movie. This is a real interesting journey which is much more beautiful than dreams which shows you the influential and mysterious beauties of the one of the imagery lands of the world.