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Dubai Majilis Service

Majilis Service

Al Majlis - Add a luxurious touch to your journey

Al Majlis extends the luxury of travel beyond the confines of the aircraft cabin, offering both a prestigious reception for arrivals and a splendid atmosphere for departures. For those who demand nothing but the best, Al Majlis offers the most luxurious travel arrangements.


Al Mauls, where luxury goes the extra mile

As you enter Al Majlis you will be greeted by a dedicated butler (females for family). Your butler will personally serve and attend to all your every pre or post flight needs. Until your departure you will be treated to the exceptional warmth of the genuine Arabian Hospitality.


Ahlan Service

Ahlan is a service consisting of a luxury lounge and events counter located at Terminal 1 Arrivals Hall. The lounge and counter can be rented by any company or individual and their facilities can be utilized to serve guests. Events and Ceremonies Division (PR) operates Ahlan services. The service covers the arrival process from moment the passenger gets off the plane all the way to the meeting point for meeters-and-greeters. Passengers using the service are received immediately after deplaning by an Ahlan escort, who then guides them directly to the dedicated Ahlan Lounge. While the passengers relax with tea, coffee or soft beverages at the plush lounge, Ahlan staff have their immigration procedure completed. The passengers are then guided to the baggage carousel where the Ahlan escort collects their luggage and leads them to the Customs check area. Following the customs check, passengers are then escorted to the meeting point where well-wishers finally receive them.


Marhaba Service

Upon disembarkation at the airport, you will be greeted by the “Marhaba Service” in Dubai and ‘Golden Services” in Abu Dhabi. Marhaba Service representatives are typically dressed in yellow, and Golden Services are typically dressed in dark blue. The representatives will be holding up a board showing the passengers names and will escort you to immigration, baggage claim, customs then to the arrivals hall.