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Pars Tourist Agency , The Key to Persia

Ticketing System

To simplify the correspondences for our customers, we have designed a new web interface, utilizing it, is highly recommended.

To reach this interface, please follow this link and these steps:

1. Sign up with your email address.

2. Your account will be activated as soon as confirming an email which is sent to your email address.

2. On the yellow top-menu (hereafter called Private Menu), select My>Tickets>Open a new ticket, define a subject for your new ticket and select the department to which you wish to submit the new ticket.

Opening a new ticket

3. Type your new post in the editor and submit your forms or attach your documents.

4. Your new post will be received at the moment; we will update your ticket within 24 hours. After each update you receive an email containing a link to the history of your posts under that ticket.

5. From now on, whenever you decide to review the correspondences of a specific ticket, simply login to the same address, select My>Tickets from the "Private Menu" and click the subject which you want to review it's posts.

List of tickets

Some of the advantages of using this interface are:

1. The history of all our conversations under a specific subject is always available and just a click away.

2. This account is dedicated to your request, so the emails between us will not be neglected in our mailboxes among myriads of other emails.

3. Due to the above-mentioned feature all your requests will be covered during the tour operation and nothing will be missed out.