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Dubai Malakiya Villas

Malakiya Villas



For guests seeking spacious opulence, seclusion and impeccable service, whilst benefiting from the height of discretion, Malakiya Villas represent the paragon of luxury amidst the waterways of the world’s most captivating resort. Opened in August 2004, each Malakiya Villa is a stand-alone retreat reminiscent of a palatial summer home. Large and opulently decorated reception areas lead to bedrooms and bathrooms of imposing individuality. Capacious in scale, the rooms are beautifully proportioned — reflecting the stature of such grand dwellings. Outside, meandering waterways, majestic windtowers and tropical gardens embrace the Villas in sun-drenched splendor and guests can relax in complete privacy whilst watching the passing abras float by.


Malakiya villas comprise of 7 -560m for spacious opulence, seclusion, luxurious 2 and 3 bedroom villas of 250 and impeccable service, all whilst benefiting from the height of discretion. Each villa is a duplex, with its own butler and furnished kitchen, plunge pool, abra station and private entrance with direct private access to the souk. Check-in can also be performed in the villas to allow greater privacy and comfort to the guests.

An array of special services and facilities are available, with individual courtyards, terraces and pools providing a magnificent vista from ancient Arabia, tailored to the specific needs of the exclusive guests staying at Malakiya Villas.


Dubai Malakiya Villas